Monday, March 3, 2008

The plan

Here's a map of the plan, with approx dates.

I'm certainly a lot less intimidated this time than I was for my eastern Europe / Turkey trip in 2006 -- worst case scenario I just ditch the bike and continue by bus -- but, emm, I wish I at least had a little extra time to learn a bit more about bike repair and whatnot. I don't want to be the type of bike tourist that just takes his bike to a shop for every single problem, or buys his way out of jams by throwing a bunch of money around. Cycling is about being independent, knowing your equipment, and getting where you need to go without having to rely on your credit card to bail you out. But even after a 3000km trip across eastern Europe and Turkey, I still don't know much more than how to fix a flat.

I've been reading a bit about bikes, maintenance, and accessories, specifically on this site that even includes some articles about how to make your own panniers and racks, in addition to standard articles about replacing spokes and brakes. Somewhat inspiring. At some point in the next couple weeks I need to go out and buy a bike, and all the accessories I'll need as well. Already starting to feel like a credit card tourist, but I guess we all have to start out somewhere.


Jean said...

Don't feel bad being a credit card tourist - at least you are out seeing the world! I myself have just gotten a Visa for the first time (just had an Amex) and am glad it has 0% APR until next year. It's my security blanket. I am expecting to run out of money. Everything always costs more.
I looked up Mt. Ararat and while it sounds lovely, it is a little too close to hotspots for me. For this trip. Maybe next time.

redmondmel said...

You are awesome! This will be an amazing experience & I want to hear (read) all the details! I'm jealous.
Red's sis Mel (now in SF)

Dax said...

Thanks Mel! I'll do my best to keep it up!

M said...


You need some bike repair tips..see me. Good luck on the trip!