Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Leaving time!

Cool, so I got the tickets to Hanoi leaving CVG on April 3. So it's final now. Got the new bike too, and the panniers and racks are on their way. I'll be leaving Houston and going back to Cincinnati on Friday for Easter, and staying up there until I leave. (My parents were nice enough to offer to store my car there while I was gone). So everything is falling into place. The only major things left are to make sure all the touring stuff fits on my bike okay, go through my camping gear and figure out what needs updated, and of course finish my taxes. (Looks like I'll be paying out the nose this year -- blech).

It's a bit disappointing to be leaving right now, as our company has really overcome some big hurdles in the last couple weeks and the general feeling within the company seems to be a lot more optimistic than it has at any time in the last six months. We're closer now than ever to having a working product, and it's hard to leave when we're so close. But, that's the same reason I decided not to leave in January as I had originally planned, and things simply fizzled out. I'm not going to let that happen again. As one of my favorite old sayings goes, "nobody ever dies wishing they had spent more time at the office."

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Jean said...

Hey Dax! Wow, you're leaving next week! That's so exciting. I'm going to be in Cincinnati this weekend (my boyfriend lives there)...if you have some time would love to meet up. Totally understand if you can't since you're only a few days away from hitting the road (with a bike...still can't believe it)!